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A community for fans of SyFy's Haven

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Name:A Haven fandom discussion and posting community
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Haven fan community

Rules and Guidelines

Who can post here?
All members can post. You'll need to join the community to post. Posts do not default to locked; the posts will be publicly viewable to everyone unless you choose otherwise.

What can I post here?
Anything Haven-related is welcome. Please don't link to locked posts.

Can I post older work here?
Yes! Please do—we encourage you to post things that you want to share. Hopefully, having a community for Haven fandom on Dreamwidth will make things easier to find.

When posting fic:
1. Everything other than the header and summary must be behind a cut tag.
2. You can post the fic in your journal and then post a link here if you prefer.
3. Please include at least Title, Pairing, and Rating.
4. Please use the tags provided. If you need a tag not shown, please contact the community mods.
5. If you'd like to use a more complete fic header, the following is a good guideline:

Pairing or characters:

When posting art, screencaps, icons, or vids
1. If the art or vid is larger than 500px in any direction, it must be behind a cut tag.
2. You may post a teaser graphic, but it should be no larger than 500px.
3. When posting icons, you may post up to five teasers.

When posting discussion, meta, or anything else
1. Please place spoilers behind a cut tag.
This goes for anything beyond the title and airing order for episodes less than a month old. Failing to do so more than once may result in your being removed from the community. Since we hope to encourage new fans, please try to keep major spoilers behind a cut tag even for previous seasons.
2. Keep in mind that this community welcomes Haven fans of all varieties. This is not the place for ship wars, character bashing, or any other divisive comments. Take it to your own journal, Tumblr, or anyplace else you fancy, but not here, please!
3. Along the same lines, we welcome gen, het, slash, threesomes, etc. Crossovers are also welcome.

Please note: This community is not associated with [ profile] havenfans.

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